Monday, June 15, 2015

The Site Vs the Blog - Blog Entry # 21

I check the Google Analytics statistics for my various websites and blogs on a regular basis just to see how things are going. I am very happy to report that the website is doing well and this blog is doing well too.

I do a lot of things to promote the blog as well a the website. I have a number of social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and others. I post links to the blog and the website on the social media sites regularly.

The blog actually took off before the website. I am not entirely sure as to why that is but I do have pages on the blog site that have 10 strips each. It is easier to scroll through a number of comic strips on the blog site, I admit.

However, the website has a number of features that the blog site does not. One feature is the Free Desktop Wallpapers section of the website. There is also a Merchandise Page and a page where you can read up on the characters, if you want to get to know them better.

The two sites are actually meant to complement one another. The two sites also link to each other. On the main page of the Website, thee is an RSS feed for this blog. On this blog site, we have links to various features on the website. The two sites were basically created for the purpose of working together.

I have to admit that maintaining both sites, writing the blogs and creating the comic strip makes for a good amount of work but I do enjoy much of what I do. I hope the rest of you get some enjoyment out of viewing my work. thanks for visiting both sites.

Bob Craypoe, also known as R. L. Crepeau

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