Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Some New Characters Are on the Way - Blog Entry # 12

Over the next few months, you can expect to see a number of new characters being introduced in the Punksters.net comic strip. This is something we are looking  very forward to. We can't wait to see what  the feedback will be like as we introduce the characters.

One character that is currently under development is Super Crack Ho. She will be a mild mannered librarian by day and by night, a dumpster diving, crack smoking crime fighter/ho. I haven't yet decided what her super powers will be though. But she may be so wacked out from crack that she will be able to take flight and may even have superhuman strength and stamina. At least until she comes down from the crack. She will be introduced in strip # 26.

Another character that will be introduced is Rob Farley. He will be a Jamaican immigrant that will be a co-worker of Bing's and will befriend the rest of the group. He likes to smoke the ganja, though,  mon. He will be introduced in strip # 21

Those will be the two main characters that will be introduced over the next few months. We plan on having a lot of fun with them. More characters mean more options as far as creating new scenarios for the comic strip.

We are currently officially releasing only one strip a week but after we complete our first six months, we will go to two strips a week. They will be released on Sunday and Wednesday of each week with a new blog entry released every Friday. At this point, we have only released strip # 8.

Going by our analytics, we have received traffic from over 90 countries and 41 states in the United States. We hope to reach more as our popularity continues to grow. I would also like to thank all of those who have visited the website as well as the blog. Thanks everyone. Until next time.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Answering More E-mails - Blog Entry # 11

We have been getting a few e-mails here and there, with some being good and others not so good. So let's answer the bad one first. So here's the e-mail and my response will follow.

"I have read your bio and you don't seem like you are a young guy. Don't you think it's a little strange for someone your age to start doing a comic strip? What's the matter, you can't decide what you want to be when you grow up?"

A lot of famous cartoonists did their comic strips right up until the day they died. Some of them lived to be a ripe old age. Of course, in their cases, they started their careers early and just continued on later in life.

I could probably credit my late start to procrastination. I had always thought of doing a comic strip but just never got around to doing it. The thing is that I have know a lot of people in my life that had certain things that they said they were going to do but never actually did them. At least I eventually got around to doing this.

If there is one quote that sums this sort of thing up it is one of my favorite quotes from C.S. Lewis and it goes like this: "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." I love that quote because I think of how many people waste their potential in life because they are too busy doing this or that or maybe certain circumstances prevent them from doing so. Well, you don't always have to give up on things just because you are getting older.

I realize that some people are going to like what I do and others are not. That's life. I just hope that my efforts will pay off in the sense that there will be a significant number of people who enjoy my work.

"Hey Bob Craypoe,
I think it's awesome that you use Daz Studio 3D software to create your comic strip. I use the program myself for 3D artwork but I never thought of using it for something like a comic strip. I don't know if anyone has done that before but it's a great idea. keep up the good work."

Thank you for your nice comments. I don't know of anyone else using Daz Studio or other 3D artwork program for a comic strip. It's possible that someone else got the idea before me. But I took some of the strips and put them in my gallery on the Daz3d website and the response was great. I got a lot of encouraging comments from other people who use the program and it was nice to get that from my Daz studio using peers.

As far as the Daz Studio program goes, I love it. there are some who like Poser over Daz and you have the people who prefer Daz over poser and there may be a bit of a rivalry there. I started using Daz before I even purchased poser and I got so used to the interface in Daz Studio that I have not really gotten into Poser. there are some very serious differences between the interface of each program. So instead of applying myself to both programs and only being mediocre at both, I really went all out and learned Daz Studio while just tinkering with Poser. Eventually, I would like to learn Poser but i would have to find the time to dedicate to learning and experimenting with the program.

So that's pretty much my questions and answers for this week. If you are interested in checking out or finding out more about Daz studio just go to their website: Daz3d.com

Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Response to a Recent Hate E-Mail - Blog Entry # 10

I have asked for feedback on my comic strip and I got it. I have a nasty e-mail here that was sent in by someone who did not leave their name. I would like to respond to it though. So here it is:

"Hey Punksters,
I have checked out your comic strip and I find that it contains humor not suitable for younger people. I thought comic strips were supposed to be kid friendly. Obviously, your strip is not anything I would like my kids to read. I also won't expect to see it in the Sunday morning comics in my newspaper.

Personally, I think you should be ashamed of yourself for putting such garbage on the Internet where any kid can find it. Your humor is in poor taste and it makes me wonder what kind of loser you really are. You probably won't have the guts to post this either."

And now for my response:

Well, gosh, whoever you are. I guess I could safely assume that you are not a fan of my work. But now that you mention your kids, let's get down to that. First of all, the strip contains humor not suitable for kids. I freely admit that. But here's the kicker: it wasn't meant to be for kids.

You see, in my twisted little world, I assume that responsible parents keep an eye on their kids to make sure that they are not getting into things that maybe they should not be getting into; instead of allowing them to and blaming everyone else for that. You are probably the type that would let your kids run out into a busy street playing and would be the first to sue someone if they get hit by a car.

As to the humor itself, anyone who doesn't like it can simply not return to any of the sites the strip is posted on. I mean, damn, don't let it traumatize you. It's just a cartoon. As far as me not having the guts to post your drivel, you were wrong. You may be surprised at that or surprised at my response but it's obvious you don't like my work and I am not going to kiss your you know what just to get you to like me. So get lost and get a stinking life! There, that felt good. Have a nice day.

PS: I have included a strip with this post that I would like to dedicate just to you. It has humor that is in very poor taste. I hope you dislike it.  :)

Bob Craypoe

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Response to Recent Feedback Regarding the Punksters.net Comic Strip - Blog Entry # 9

I asked for feedback regarding the Punksters.net comic strip and the website and I got it. They say that you should be careful what you wish for because you just might get it but, overall, the response has been good. So let's get started with the first e-mail:

"I like your comic strip but don't you worry that you have too many characters for people to follow? I took the time to check out the page on your blog that introduces all of the characters but how many other people are going to do that?"

The person who sent this e-mail did not want their name used, so I won't use it. But I will respond to it, and here is my response:

You are right that I do have a lot of characters. I currently have 17 characters that I intend to be regulars in the strip. I will admit that it may be a bit much for people to follow. I will also have a few extras here and there. I tried to introduce as many of the characters as early on as I possibly could to sort of get it out of the way. As of now, I have only officially released strip # 6 (included here) but I have created 17 strips so far. I have them already made up ahead of time. I am currently a couple of months ahead.

Since I have already completed 17 of the strips, I have been able to introduce 16 of the 17 characters I have on the Meet the Characters Page. I am hoping to be able to work that 17th character in by the time I complete the 20th comic strip. 

The advantage to having so many characters is that I can create a variety of scenarios and as I receive feedback from the readers, I can then tailor the strip more to what the majority of the people tell me they would like to see. It allows me a number of different directions and options for future strips.

I realize that there are no guarantees for success regarding anything in life. For all I know, this strip may never really catch on. If it doesn't, I will just compile them and release a book with all of them; which will include an introduction to all of the characters. If the book does okay, I might continue with the strip, if not, I may try another one. We will see. I appreciate your input and I look forward to receiving more input from others. Thank you.

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