Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Response to a Recent Hate E-Mail - Blog Entry # 10

I have asked for feedback on my comic strip and I got it. I have a nasty e-mail here that was sent in by someone who did not leave their name. I would like to respond to it though. So here it is:

"Hey Punksters,
I have checked out your comic strip and I find that it contains humor not suitable for younger people. I thought comic strips were supposed to be kid friendly. Obviously, your strip is not anything I would like my kids to read. I also won't expect to see it in the Sunday morning comics in my newspaper.

Personally, I think you should be ashamed of yourself for putting such garbage on the Internet where any kid can find it. Your humor is in poor taste and it makes me wonder what kind of loser you really are. You probably won't have the guts to post this either."

And now for my response:

Well, gosh, whoever you are. I guess I could safely assume that you are not a fan of my work. But now that you mention your kids, let's get down to that. First of all, the strip contains humor not suitable for kids. I freely admit that. But here's the kicker: it wasn't meant to be for kids.

You see, in my twisted little world, I assume that responsible parents keep an eye on their kids to make sure that they are not getting into things that maybe they should not be getting into; instead of allowing them to and blaming everyone else for that. You are probably the type that would let your kids run out into a busy street playing and would be the first to sue someone if they get hit by a car.

As to the humor itself, anyone who doesn't like it can simply not return to any of the sites the strip is posted on. I mean, damn, don't let it traumatize you. It's just a cartoon. As far as me not having the guts to post your drivel, you were wrong. You may be surprised at that or surprised at my response but it's obvious you don't like my work and I am not going to kiss your you know what just to get you to like me. So get lost and get a stinking life! There, that felt good. Have a nice day.

PS: I have included a strip with this post that I would like to dedicate just to you. It has humor that is in very poor taste. I hope you dislike it.  :)

Bob Craypoe

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