Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Response to Recent Feedback Regarding the Comic Strip - Blog Entry # 9

I asked for feedback regarding the comic strip and the website and I got it. They say that you should be careful what you wish for because you just might get it but, overall, the response has been good. So let's get started with the first e-mail:

"I like your comic strip but don't you worry that you have too many characters for people to follow? I took the time to check out the page on your blog that introduces all of the characters but how many other people are going to do that?"

The person who sent this e-mail did not want their name used, so I won't use it. But I will respond to it, and here is my response:

You are right that I do have a lot of characters. I currently have 17 characters that I intend to be regulars in the strip. I will admit that it may be a bit much for people to follow. I will also have a few extras here and there. I tried to introduce as many of the characters as early on as I possibly could to sort of get it out of the way. As of now, I have only officially released strip # 6 (included here) but I have created 17 strips so far. I have them already made up ahead of time. I am currently a couple of months ahead.

Since I have already completed 17 of the strips, I have been able to introduce 16 of the 17 characters I have on the Meet the Characters Page. I am hoping to be able to work that 17th character in by the time I complete the 20th comic strip. 

The advantage to having so many characters is that I can create a variety of scenarios and as I receive feedback from the readers, I can then tailor the strip more to what the majority of the people tell me they would like to see. It allows me a number of different directions and options for future strips.

I realize that there are no guarantees for success regarding anything in life. For all I know, this strip may never really catch on. If it doesn't, I will just compile them and release a book with all of them; which will include an introduction to all of the characters. If the book does okay, I might continue with the strip, if not, I may try another one. We will see. I appreciate your input and I look forward to receiving more input from others. Thank you.

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