Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Rise and Fall of Colonel Cornball E-book Has Been Released - Blog Entry # 58

I have just released a new E-book called the Rise and fall of Colonel Cornball.  This book contains a collection of the Punksters.net Comic Strips that feature a character named Colonel Cornball. It follows the character from the time he is first introduced as a presidential candidate, through his presidential campaign, his election and time as president. Eventually, he becomes a tyrannical dictator and is overthrown. 

This is the first collection of strips that are not the typical collection of fifty. this collection is actually a collection of strips that all follow the same theme. It also contains more strips than the usual collection of fifty. This collection features 68 comic strips. 

If you purchase the E-book now, at the time of me writing this blog entry, you will actually be able to see a number of strips that have not yet been officially released. that's right, you get to see them first.

I will eventually release other collections that will be separated by certain themes. So get yourself this collection and beat the rush. hurry while supplies last. 
Just CLICK HERE for more information.

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Punksters.net Comic Strip Collection Volume 6 Has Been Released - Blog Entry # 57

The Punksters.net Comic strip Collection Volume 6 E-book has just been released. Be the first person on your block to own a copy! You will be the envy of the neighborhood.

This volume features comic strips 251 through 300. If my math serves me right, that's 50 comic strips. The download is available in PDF format.

All of your favorite characters are featured in this volume and maybe some of the ones you hate too. But don't let that stop you, buy it anyway! After all, it's cheap enough. Hey, you can even tell your friends. No? Why? Are you embarrassed to admit that you like the strip?  Shame on you. 
Anyway, just CLICK HERE for more information.