Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Meet Mr Evil Thug Guy - Blog Entry # 25

That's right, I just introduced yet another new character this week. I call him Mr Evil Thug Guy. As you can plainly see, he is a rather menacing looking individual. Not only is he nasty looking, but he has also devoted his entire life to crime. Let's just say that he is a real meanie pants.

Nobody really knows why he turned out the way he did. Maybe his mother did not hug him enough. Regardless, he will be quite the evil nemesis for super Crack Ho.
This brings the Punksters.net character count even higher. I can also promise you that more new characters are on the way. I will try to mix things up a bit to try to keep things from going stale. However, if you feel that things have already gone stale, all I can say is: sorry.

The latest Punksters.net comic Strip has Mr Evil Thug guy holding our hero, Super Crack Ho, captive. Click on the image to view it at its full size.

To read about more of the characters, CLICK HERE.

Bob Craypoe, also known as R. L. Crepeau

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