Thursday, May 28, 2015

Punkster Character Development - Blog Entry # 19

I've been doing this Comic Strip thing for about four months now. It's hard to believe, really, because I am actually pretty far ahead in the number of strips I have completed, as opposed to the number I have officially released. I have also already released an e-book that is a compilation of the first 50 strips.

I have introduced a number of characters already but I also have some new ones that will be introduced as well. As I create a new character, I like to think about things such as how I am going to develop the character and what kind of situations I am going to put that character in. I really enjoy the creative process. 

With a number of the characters I have already created and developed, I have basically written down ideas for future strips. I have created some long term plans and have mapped some things out. Then I try to come up with some comic strips that go along with the overall direction I am moving in regarding each of those characters.

I have a few different story lines involving different characters that I am working on simultaneously. So I might do a couple of strips in a row that feature a couple of the characters and then move on to strips that involve different characters. I try to make my rounds with all of them.

I probably have enough ideas written down to put me at about 20 comic strips ahead of what has already been developed. So it's probably fair to say that I have enough ideas at this time to really last me a while. It takes a lot of pressure off of me because there is always that fear that writer's block may one day strike. So if I have a dry spell of new ideas, I will at least have a number of old ideas still written down that have not been used yet. It's nice to have something to fall back on,

Whenever I develop a new character, I immediately try to think of the types of scenarios I will put that character in. I try to come up with as many ideas as I can at the time I am developing the character. this helps me to come up with some long term plans for the character.

I also try to make sure that each character is unique. Otherwise, what would be the point of adding that character into the mix? I try to think about the new character's interaction with the old ones as well.

I am very happy with some of the ideas I have come up with and I have plans on expanding the website to include a few more features. Right now, the website is fairly large. It's already over 100 pages. As I develop more characters and do more with them, I will be able to use some of those ideas to come up with more content for the website. I really look forward to seeing how far I can take this all and, with any luck, I will be able to keep coming up with new ideas. Wish me luck.

Bob Craypoe, also known as R. L. Crepeau

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