Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Slow Progress Beats no Progress - Blog Entry # 5

I have been putting a lot of work into the website lately. Right now we only have 2 comic strips officially released but we do have 11 different downloadable desktop wallpapers available at this time. The image to the left is one of those wallpapers, called "Set the Guitar for Stun."

The site is now registered with the various search engines, so we will see how much search engine traffic we will get.

I have been looking at some of our stats from Google Analytics. So far we have only had traffic from 9 different countries. But the site has only been around since January. The domain Name was registered on January 14th. The website was completed on January 20th and the first comic strip was released on January 25th. So it was 11 days from the registration of the domain name to the release of the first comic strip.

I put up all of the strips that have been created up to this point and you can view them by clicking on the "First Ten Comic Strips" link to the right.

So that's this week's update. Just check back in to see what's new on this blog, the comic strip and the site.

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