Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Some People Like Us - Blog Entry # 7

I was looking over Google Analytics for the website and I can get a sense of where our traffic is coming from. I can see on the international level as well as on the state level in the United States.

The top ten countries that we get are traffic are in the following order: United States, Russia, Canada, Italy, Germany, Philippines, Belgium, Spain, Finland and the United Kingdom.

The top ten states in the United States where we get our traffic from is: New Jersey, New York, Virginia, California, Texas Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Louisiana and Massachusetts.

It is understandable that the state we get the most traffic from is New Jersey. After all, it is my home state. New Jersey is also the state with the highest average number of pages per visit, at 6.25. Louisiana is at 6.00. the worst are Iowa and Massachusetts with just over 1 page per visit. Oh well, I guess some just like us more than others.

The site has only been online for about a month now, so hopefully things will get better and our popularity will increase. That's what we are hoping for anyway. If you want to help, just kindly spread the word. it would be much appreciated.

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